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Introducing Blink Markers for Clay

In my collaboration with the street artist named Woozel, we struggled to find a way of making marks on clay that was acceptable to him or her. He or she did not find the traditional methods of marking on clay enjoyable. No good with a brush, an airbrush, sgraffito, slip inlay, you name it, he or she hated it.

Determined to continue the collaboration, I fiddled around with various strategies until I stumbled upon this one. Now I'm sharing it to the world!

I have gotten permission from the manufacturer to resell these markers, with my own proprietary Blink Ink for Clay. It's not really ink, it's my own underglaze recipe that has been ball-milled for a long time until it is the right consistency for writing or drawing on clay.

I hope to formally introduce these markers to the world at NCECA Houston, but for now, I am happy to make them available for sale.