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A link button is coming here soon. If you want to buy markers, just email me at beth.lambert@att.net and tell me what you want and how many. I'll send you a paypal invoice and ship your markers and ink the day the payment hits my inbox!

New Shipment arrived today! Everything in stock!

Blink Ink

2 oz bottle Very Black 5.00 USD
2 oz bottle Iron Oxide Red 5.00 USD

NEW 4oz bottle Very Black 8.00 USD
NEW 4oz bottle Iron Oxide Red 8.00 USD

Blink Markers
(from top to bottom)

1.5 mm round tip marker 3.00 USD
2.0 mm round tip marker 3.00 USD
4 mm round tip marker 3.25 USD
4-8 mm chisel tip marker 4.00 USD
15 mm rectangular tip marker 5.00 USD